Started in 2011 by Hubert Tassin from France,  Bangalore Argentine Tango has evolved  into one of the largest and most respected Tango communities in the country, recognized for its quality and authenticity by many international maestros.

From the very start, the school’s tone and approach is one of sensitivity, elegance and technical precision, rooted in building a true connection in the tango embrace. Following the true ethos of Argentine Tango, we aim to spread social Tango by not only teaching a dance form, but also building a friendly and respectful community, and an environment that can help each person find their own Tango.
Jency Daniel, Shwetha Reddy, Abeni Tandon, Shreekant Deodhar,  and Neil Naik take turns to teach basic and advanced elements of Tango during weekly classes. Juhi Ramakrishnan and Neil Naik are in charge of scheduling regular classes, organizing milongas, practice sessions and hosting acclaimed maestros from all around the world.
We are proud of our community-driven character, and we aim to nurture and preserve it. We believe that Tango is a gift that only becomes better when shared with others!